turned parts
Under the slogan, "Precision turning parts manufactured to the highest quality", Manometal manufactures series in medium to high quantities from Ø 2.0 mm up to Ø 80.0 mm.

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Top quality precision turned parts
  • Punctual delivery
Pre-finishedassembly groups
In production cells precision turned parts are finally assembled into components and assembly groups, checked and packed into special cartons and where required, marked with bar codes and identification markings.


  • Assembly of the individual precision turned parts
  • Quality inspection
  • Packaged in special cartons
Our materials –
brass alloys, aluminium, stainless and free-cutting steel
With over 30 years of experience in cutting a variety of alloys we have earned the right to state that we are pioneers in the processing of brass.
Thanks to our cordial partnerships with our suppliers we are able to ensure that we supply and process only top-quality alloys. Depending on customer request we assemble a range of products based on material testing and permits.
Stainless steel
In 2016 at customer request we began processing specific stainless steel alloys and at the end of the project phase we can report that we are now able to offer an expanding range of turned parts in these various stainless steel alloys.
Why Manometal?
Our outstanding specialist knowledge, sustainability and continuity are the hallmarks of Manometal.
Manometal assesses all the quality requirements from the initial sampling to the process data and visualises these according to your requirements for the next 12 years.
When things are really hectic and you need equipment for specific uses, we are there for you.
Manometal has gained a variety of certifications and makes a significant contribution to conserving the environment.
Manometal responds daily to challenge by providing ongoing training for employees and planning CIP and KAIZEN processes.
Discover our products
Precision turned parts
Precision turned parts
One of Manometal's specialities is its extremely wide range of precision turned parts with series in medium to high quantities of up to Ø 80.0 mm.

Potable water approved alloys:
CW 626N - Cu Zn 33 Pb1 1.5 AI As
CW511L - Cu Zn 38 As
CW724R - Cuphin
Cable glands
Cable glands
with brass alloys
Our cable glands have a patent-protected anti-rotation device, which makes them stand out from the crowd; they have been on the market since 2014 and have excited lively interest.

Potable water approved alloys:
CW 626N - Cu Zn 33 Pb1 1.5 AI As
CW511L - Cu Zn 38 As
CW724R - Cuphin
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